Using digital technologies, the New Visions Heritage ethos is about bringing historically accurate and relevant information to life to enable a wider audience to engage with the legacy that shaped our present. We believe in widening the reach of cultural knowledge and heritage assets which currently, we fear, is only realising a fraction of its actual value or potential.

New Visions Heritage understands the issues in digital heritage consultation and delivery and can support your project or business through:

  • Interpretation (consultancy and research)
  • Engagement (virtual tourism and augmented reality)
  • Interaction (apps and virtual reality)
  • Accessibility (mobile technology and democratisation of data)
  • Immersion (headsets)

Digital technology is continuing to evolve and is becoming more ubiquitous. New Visons Heritage can help you be at the forefront of this by utilisation of and innovating with current technologies to deliver digital heritage experiences that engage with your audience and stimulate intellectual and emotional connections with the subject.

With New Visions Heritage on your project the only limiting factor going forward is imagination.

Engagement, experience and immersion through digital technologies.

New Visions Heritage can help you bring the past into the present and beyond through interpretation, consultation, research and recreation of virtual worlds utilising and benefitting from all the advantages of cutting edge digital and mobile delivery platforms.


Improving the heritage experience for both client and end-users is central to everything we do at New Visions Heritage.

Our directors, David and Iwan, have many years experience in the fields of heritage and architectural creative digital imagery and are happy to discuss innovative ways of engaging with new audiences and shaping new projects by interpreting the amazing legacy our shared heritage has provided us. Our experience has shown that providing the right creative, informal but professional working environment will stimulate innovation, improve efficiency and expand capacity, while maintaining total focus on commercial objectives.

Feel free to contact us today to discuss your heritage project and see how New Visions Heritage can assist you in bringing your project to reality.

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